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Astronomical Timer (USA)


  • Input: 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power: 10A
  • Operating Temperature: from -20 to 65°C


This Astronomical Timer is used as an advanced ON/OFF switch for your landscape lighting products, features microprocessor programming to accurately determine sunrise and sunset without requiring a photocell. One time only set up (Please Read Instructions Carefully) and automatically updates for Day Light Savings timings. Automates your lighting system as it can turn ON/OFF at Dusk/Dawn and can be set to turn your light fixtures ON/OFF at any set timing of the day.     Key Features:

    • Microprocessor programming for computing sunrise/sunset timings

    • No optical sensor is required

    • Retains all settings without input voltage up to 5 years

    • It incorporates an after sunset cut off time, either adjustable by selecting from 1 to 12 hours after sunset or select a set static time after sunset to cut off each output

    • Adjustable ON/OFF delay for each output up to l20 minutes before or after sunset/sunrise

    • Input Voltage: 10 - 220VAC

    • 20A Maximum Power Rating

    • Life Span: 40,000 hours

    • Replaceable lithium battery

    • Overvoltage/under voltage protection

    • 3 Year Replacement Warranty