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Spike Lights

Are you planning to revamp the exterior of your home? Does it seem dull and boring? Do you want to add ambiance and aesthetics to it? Are you tired of dragging your feet hither and thither for finding solutions? Don’t worry. We can solve all your problems with just one solution. ... GLP is accredited to have a secret weapon as the sole solution to all your problems. With our secret weapon, your home can glint like a star in the dark. We deliver you the luminous efficacy with our sterling lighting options. Above all, we have an exclusive range of top-notch spike lights that are the pick of all lighting options. Spike Lights or the Spotlights are our secret weapons to light up the dull and boring exterior of your home. These lighting options are worthiest to add an ambient glow to the dull exterior of your home. As delivering luminous efficacy, the spike lights are the best compliment one can give to a home. Besides, these are user-friendly in use that accentuates the exact point to give it a complimentary statement. Not just the exterior of your home but it can glint the overall mien of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t procrastinate to get your favorite spike light and inject some magical charm into your home.

GLP offers a vast range of spike lights that meet all your needs and instantly flare up the small detailing of your home’s façade. Essentially, our spike lights are specifically designed for outdoor embellishments. Knowing the severity of the outdoor milieu, we opt for brass and aluminum to enhance durability. The premium qualities of these two corrosion-resistant metals facilitate the spike lights to withstand the severe environmental conditions. The anti-corrosion quality magnifies the durability and sustainability of our lights. Not just that but the specialty of our products is their simple yet optimal efficacy. Our team of experts has versatility in their hands and perspicacity in their minds. We design our products with the versatility of our experts. While designing, our focus is on the density of profound features with trifling design. The unique design with an amalgamation of optimal features is the trademark of our spike lights. If you have opted for installing spike lights, the best door to knock is Global Light and Power.

If we comparatively talk about the application of spike lights, the list will be prolonged. Considering their prolific applications, the spike lights are the most dynamic lighting options one can have. The first and the foremost prerequisite of spike light is that it can be far more easily nestled on the ground than other lights. Typically, installation involves a lot of fuss as having limited installation options. However, our spike lights are exclusively designed to be easily installed wherever you want. In addition to this, with the minimal maintenance menace and installation fuss, the spike light is the elite option among lighting options. Narrowing it down, the spike light has two main parts e.g. the fixture and the stake. The fixture is made up of brass that encapsulates a lamp. The fixture is attached to a fine stake of aluminum. The user-friendly stake and the replaceable lamp are the additional perquisites of our spike lights. This replaceable quality of lamp facilitates the need of customers by easily adjusting the new lamp for innovation, change in direction, and wattage. This exclusive feature of our spike lights saves the additional expenditure of new light. Further, the stake is easy to nestle on the ground with an easy adjusting quality. Also, the lock mechanism and a rotating knob help to adjust the direction of beams. The lights can spot their radiant beams on any definite area. By casting a direct beam on the exact point, spike lights camouflage a starry glow with the rock-strewn façade of your home.

When it comes to using technology, it needs special vigilance. Taking care of your safety, we are fully vigilant to design our spike lights. Our spike lights are comparatively durable and harmless. Prioritizing your safety, our spike lights carry a 12 to 24 voltage maximum. Still, these are capable of delivering high luminous and optimum efficiency. Also, these are water-resistant to prevent any unfortunate incident. We do not compromise on the safety of our customers. For this reason, we gathered a team of experts all around the globe to provide you with high-tech products. GLP is privileged to have the cream of American Designers and Engineers. Above all, our products are manufactured with the collaboration of Nichia and Cree Chip technology that adds to its durability and top-notch performance for a long span of years. For that, we take pride in the expertise of our highly qualified team. Triumphantly, we have been accredited to manufacture high-quality lights since 2008. Serving since 2008, we are fervent to serve our people with the best possible products and services. Committed to facilitating our customers, GLP offers a complete range of services and support including installation, maintenance, and consultancy. To cut it short, our services are what make us the first choice.

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