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Flood and Facade Lights

Do you know that your home can speak on behalf of you? Yes, it, surely, can speak. The right illustration of your home’s façade can make it eligible for putting across your personality. Does it sound silly? Or are you assuming it as a farcical idea? ... Well, in both cases, we can provide you the logics to believe. Experts believe that the exterior or facade of homes holds great significance. Their importance lies in the fact that your home’s exterior sets the first impression of you. Not everyone is going to sit in your well-decorated and furnished drawing room for building an opinion about you. It’s the façade of your home that tells people about your personality. As a matter of fact, statistics have shown that the elegantly decorated facade standouts that building and throw a powerful impact on its surroundings as well. Moreover, experts have agreed to the fact that the illustrative facades with the right LED lights are ten times more appealing than any other facade decorated with other stuff. So, that’s how the use of lights comes into the play. So, now, you must be thinking about which lights are the best to place and, of course, durable to withstand the severity of weather and external elements. Well, there is no need to worry because we are here to help you. Global Light & Power has plenty of lighting options for illuminating the dull and boring façade of your home. One of those is Flood and Façade Lights that are incredibly good in enhancing the overall mien of the place. Apart from pouring aesthetical impact to the dull façade, the flood lights are efficient in giving a welcoming vibe. Probably, this is the reason that our LED flood lights are in high demand for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes.

Flood and Façade Lights are actually the broad lighting fixtures with powerful luminous effects. These lights have widespread beams that are designed to deliver high-intensity light in any wide area. Our flood lights are covered in the adjustable mounting brackets that are manufactured of heavy-duty and powerful die-cast aluminum. The fine quality of the aluminum ensures the lifetime guarantee of our lights. Also, it prevents lights from any damage or corrosion. Moreover, our lights have a unique design. The lights have an adjustable light head with a mounting bracket at their back. The adjustable head is easy to move and it helps to adjust the direction of light as per the need. It also facilitates the user to find the perfect angle for throwing light at the exact point. Moreover, the mounting bracket helps to fix the light on hard surfaces such as on walls, or even on poles. Interestingly, the most important feature of our lights is that GLP Flood lights are integrated with state-of-the-art Philips SMD LEDs. This exclusive integration with high-performance LEDs enables our LED lights to deliver the best results. It also adds to the longevity and durability of our lights.

Due to the broad light angle of our LED Flood Lights, these lights have gained plausible popularity over the past few years. However, if we start talking about the application of flood lights, the list will be drawn out. Specifically designed for transforming the boring and dreary facades into an epitome of aesthetics, our flood lights are phenomenally great and have a prolific account of applications. Our high-performance LED flood lights are not only ideally perfect for illuminating the façades of homes but are also in high demand for commercial purposes, such as, for the exterior of companies, warehouses, stadium walkways, sports fields, large arenas, etc. Referring to their high demand, Flood and Façade Lights have become an essential component or the basic requirement of some stadiums. Since we are talking about outdoor lights, so, it’s important to mention that our LED lights come with a minimum of 65IP (protection index). Therefore, our lights are designed to cope with the extreme weather conditions and withstand the severity of other external elements, like dust, etc. Considering the above-mentioned facts and details, it would not be wrong to say that our Flood and Façade Lights are an ideal lighting embellishment that also meets all the outdoor lighting requirements.

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