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Bulkhead LED Lights

Over the past few years, the use of LED lights has been immensely increased. Without any tinge of doubt, the LED lights have gained a prominent attention for illuminating houses and other commercial places. Whether you want to add ambiance to the dreary façade of your home, ... the industrial factories, or want to add luminance to the entrance of your home, business, and commercial premises, warehouses, gardens, or any other place, the LED lights are the right choice. This is how these advanced lights have taken the centre stage. However, the reason for their limelight and vast variety can be the advancement of technology. Following the sway of advancement, Global Light & Power ascribed to serve its customers with state-of-the-art LED Lights. We offer you a vast variety of LED lights that fully meet your needs. Meeting all your needs and demands, GLP LED lights are available in various types, shapes, and designs. One of the popular choices among our advanced LED lights is the Bulkhead LED Light.

What is Bulkhead LED Light?
As the name suggests, Bulkhead LED Lights are small and durable LED lighting fixtures that are encapsulated in bulkhead fittings. These bulkhead fittings are, then, directly nestled on the wall or any other surface. The most popular use of these lights is to deliver frontward luminance to the areas that entail centralized lighting. Therefore, the GLP bulkhead LED lights are more commonly used in areas close to swimming pools, outdoor gyms, staircases gardens, or the main entrances. For ensuring the best luminance results, it is ideally good to install the lights two meters above the ground and two meters apart from other lights. Notably, these lights come in three different styles. You can easily opt for the style that suits your space and meets all your lighting needs. Here, one thing is important to mention, whichever style you pick; it is surely going to deliver the same lighting results. There is no difference in their performance and durability. Also, each style comes with aluminum fixtures because we never compromised on the quality of our products. Above and beyond, these lights consume minimal power and deliver maximum luminance efficacy. However, this is not the sole reason for their growing popularity. What make them the first-rate choice of customers are their enormous benefits.

Why Bulkhead LED Lights are the best lighting options?
GLP LED lights are always famous for certain advantageous features. To add to their high performance, we have incorporated LED lights with more advanced and prolific features. The eminent feature of these advanced Bulkhead LED lights is the sturdy and durable casing around the lighting fixtures. Being an exclusive feature of these lights, this sturdy casing augments the durability and longevity of these LED lights. Probably, this is one of the major reasons for their incredible popularity. When it comes to lighting options for outskirts, perimeters of commercial places, or the façade of homes, the Bulkhead LED Lights always win the hearts of customers. Moreover, GLP bulkhead lights are efficient in delivering the best luminance efficacy. Along with delivering optimal luminance, the sturdiness and durability of our lights are also praiseworthy. Specially designed to withstand the harshness of environmental factors, these lights can also be used in wet locations like near fountains. The durability of GLP bulkhead LED lights remains sturdy against the direct contact of lights with water. Also, to bear the direct rays of the sun, we use aluminum fixtures and UV Resistant Polycarbonate front cover that prevents the casing color to turn yellow. Moreover, to ensure high-performance, GLP Bulkhead Lights are integrated with the most advanced CREE LEDs. This integration makes our lights more efficient, more durable, and most of all delivers true-to-life lighting output. That’s how; these lights have gained a lot of attention in the lighting industry.

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